I recently visited Christine Mendonca’s class at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School to talk about my favorite subject: SPACE! After learning about the history of human space flight, the students learned about Sally Ride EarthKAM – a digital camera, mounted in the window of the International Space Station, which allows students to photograph the Earth from space by submitting photo requests that are transmitted to the Station. The students at Vartan brainstormed areas of the Earth they were curious to see from space. Today, I visited the students again to showcase their results!

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  1. They had an article in The Atlantic recently about ISS, and it said the astronouts’ single favorite recreational activity was gazing down at the Earth. They said it never grows old, however many hours one does it. Plus haven’t we found like new craters and formations and so forth on our surface that were hidden from view before?

    1. I don’t know if astronauts’ Earth observations have led to any new features being discovered, but we have definitely been able to use satellite views to discover all sorts of things! For instance, some of my fellow ice scientists are able to track debris on the surface of ice streams in Antarctica to calculate the speed that the ice is flowing. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like a crater didn’t become visible until we were looking from that altitude.

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