Feature: Dr. Laurie Carrillo, Spacecraft Thermal Design Engineer

Most people think that the people exploring space are glasses-wearing, TI-83-toting nerds who could recite pi to 35 digits without blinking an eye. Well, there may be a few of those… but the business of human spaceflight has many facets, from engineering, science, and technology to education and public relations, and the people who work in the business are even more varied. To give folks a glimpse of the many people, places, and jobs that contribute to the exploration of space, I’ll be interviewing women in all aspects of the field.

Why only women? As you will see in the first of these profiles, there are still places within NASA where, in a group of 15 engineers, there is only one woman. My hope is that these features, about the lives and careers of cool women doing amazing jobs, will inspire young women to pursue jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math. Please share these stories with the next generation of female space explorers!

My mentor and friend, Dr. Laurie Carrillo, has graciously agreed to be my first interviewee and to give us an inside look at the life of a NASA Spacecraft Thermal Design Engineer. Click over to my new page, Women eXploring Space, to find out about the career of this NASA engineer.

Check back for more feature profiles in the future!


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